Editing Services

I offer a number of editorial services for writers of fiction and non-fiction, depending on where you are in the process of writing and development. I can help polish your query letter, put together your book proposal, edit your manuscript for submission to an agent or prep it for self-publishing.


Fact checking

If you are concerned about the factual content of your manuscript or simply want a second set of eyes on a non-fiction project, I will review the document for factual errors and flag legal issues.

Content editing

Once the puzzle pieces of your story have been put together, I can review the document and assess how the overall picture hangs together. At this stage, I’ll look for inconsistencies or structural errors, repetition, etc. Some minimal revisions may be required.

Developmental editing

If you are in a creative rut or want an overall assessment of how your story is working, I can read your novel and evaluate various elements, including plot, language, structure, characterization and theme. I will provide a short but targeted report on those elements and offer strategies to strengthen the narrative.

Copy editing

If your manuscript is in its final stage, I can read and review the document, looking for grammar and stylistic issues that may be impeding the clarity, style or concision of your work. I will provide edits designed to strengthen your writing style and voice.

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